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Some tough love to get us in gear.

First off, kudos to you for reading that heading and choosing to continue.

I just came off a break and having trouble getting back into high gear. I even started binge watching Season 1 of The Sopranos. Seriously.

I definitely want to spend my energy in more productive ways, but have been making excuses. This week’s tip is one I don’t particularly like because it calls me out on my own BS. Regardless, here’s some tough love.


This week’s tip:
We have more energy than we think.

A major excuse for many of us to not do something we know we should do, is that we’re too tired at the moment, or we don’t have the energy. Energy management is important. Knowing what part of the day we naturally have the most energy, getting the right amount of sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly, all help us manage our levels of effort. Plus, it’s important to take breaks, reset, and enjoy life.

However, sometimes we use lack of energy as an excuse to sit on the sofa, snack mindlessly, and watch tv. Here’s a question for those of us that are using the word “relaxing” instead of “procrastinating”: If there was suddenly a ferocious tiger thrown into your living room, would you find the energy to get off that sofa? Yes, of course!

Or, if we are at the gym and think we are not strong enough to go faster on the treadmill, by picturing that same tiger chasing us, we can be motivated to turn the treadmill up a notch. Almost always guaranteed, we have more energy in us. It’s time to stop using tiredness as an excuse.

The key here though, is to know when we are using it as an excuse, and realize when we need to adjust our routines for healthier energy management. Try giving it your all for a week and see if you feel better or worse. If it invigorates you, know that you were previously justifying procrastination, and mentality bring out that tiger. If you feel closer to burnout, it’s time to make some energy adjustments.

Take action: If you’re using fatigue as an excuse, change your thoughts from “tired” to “go time”. Building up stamina can take a little while, so start with simple switches. Such as, go for a walk instead of watching tv, stand up to have a phone conversation, or cook instead of ordering takeout.

:: Inspired by the interview with Olaniyi Sobomehin on The Art of Charm podcast.