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Take the leap and learn to fly on the way down.

I was messaging someone on LinkedIn this week who wrote that “Leap” comment on a post. I think it’s great. But, he also said that sometimes he leaps before looking. I can relate. When I want something, I just go for it. It’s true that I may learn some tough lessons along the way, but eventually, I figure things out.

This week’s tip is inspired by the incredible mindset leader, Marie Forleo, who coined the phrase: Everything is figure-out-able. If we want something enough, we should have faith that we can figure out how to make it happen.



This week’s tip:
Have faith in being able to figure it out. Whatever “it” is.

Think of a time when you wanted something so much your heart ached. I bet you figured out a way to make it happen. Teenagers are really good at finding a way to make things happen, so maybe we should think back to that time. Like, when we wanted to meet someone we were attracted to, or went out with friends even though we had no money, or found time to party when we had exams. We ignored excuses and figured out how to do it.

The skill is already in us, and we can still do it, if we honestly want something enough. It takes creativity, determination and discipline, and most of all, it takes faith that we will be able to figure out how to pull it off.

We start by being honest about what we truly want, not what we used to want and not what others want for us. Then think about who we might become if we do figure it out. Connect with this sense of being to find a deeper purpose, and use that as motivation. It will help bring courage when it gets tough.

Consider all the excuses we might encounter along the way. What could hold us back that we need to resolve? It’s often lack of money, time, and skills. Then brainstorm many ways (at least 20) of how we can conquer those obstacles and make it happen. Don’t edit ideas at this stage, no matter how far fetched they may be. Decide on a first step, and take it. Put thoughts into action and start the ball rolling, trusting that when we hit a roadblock, we’ll figure it out.

Take action: Start talking about your dreams and goals to people who can help you figure out how to make them possible. There are lots of people who will be naysayers. Use their words as motivation and a jumpstart on what you’ll need to figure out down the road.

::Inspired by Marie Forleo’s Oprah Supersoul Session, Everything is Figureoutable.