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I like to move it, move it!

I’m not talking dance moves here (if you’ve seen my lack of rhythm, you’ll be relieved), I mean making progress on your goals or experiments. This week’s tip is something I use daily. I figure out at least one thing I can do that will help my project move forward. No mammoth accomplishments, just consistent momentum.

3rd week of January is often when new projects get push back. Here’s encouragement to keep your personal goals moving.


This week’s tip:
Keep on keepin’ on.

That old 70s saying still holds true. Forward momentum, no matter how small a step, is inspirational, motivational, and unlocks possibilities.

Too often we get stuck on a problem because we’re trying to assess the entirety of it. All we really need to do is have a rough idea of the end goal, and then move forward in one small way.

We can only guess how things will unfold for us when we plan our course. Until we start to implement, we won’t know for sure, how things will pan out, and where we’ll need to pivot. Often it’s best to act, assess, act, assess, and so on, rather than expect to have a complete plan before starting to execute.

Imagine a chess game where a player waited to plan the whole game before making a single move. The game might not ever start. Taking action can help us see what further options we have. This move enables us to test the waters to see if we like our path so far, or need to change course for something unexpected.

Even if the action doesn’t go well, we’ll still have learned something and be ahead of where we’d be if we stood still. Plus we’d have had an interesting experience too. Instead of stalling because we’re hung up on getting everything right, we could just plan the next few maneuvers and start going. We need to trust ourselves to figure it out along the way.

Take action (pun!): Is there a project you’ve stalled on, or a goal that’s been sidelined? Think of one small thing you can do today to move it forward and then do it. Even if that small step is simply to schedule a time for the next step. Just keep moving and eventually the best path will reveal itself to you.

:: Inspired by Dr. Max McKeown’s book, #Now: The Surprising Truth About the Power of Now.



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