Achievement needs fulfillment to be successful.

The science of achievement vs. the art of fulfillment…
Reaching goals and achievement is hard for sure, but it’s somewhat scientific, in that there are rules to follow. Whether in finance, health, relationships, career, or other areas, we can get the information required, and form the habits needed, to achieve what we’ve set out to do. Focus on the objective, take massive action, measure and tweak to stay on track, and model someone who’s already great at it. That’s the “science of achievement.”

More important than accomplishing, is the “art of fulfillment.” Achievement and fulfillment don’t always go hand in hand. Think of the late Robin Williams, an incredibly high achiever who still suffered. And there are plenty of examples of unhappy, but well accomplished people.

Fulfillment is an art that is particularly difficult for people who are high achievers because of their tendency to focus on measured, controllable outcomes.

Instead, if we focus on learning, how we are growing, and what we are contributing to others, while heading towards a goal, we’ll be more likely to enjoy both the process and the result. Fulfillment comes from knowing how to stay happy, even when things don’t go as hoped.

Take action: When goals appear to fall off the rails, recognize if you are in a suffering state of mind: frustration, anger, overwhelm, sadness, stress, etc. Allow the discomfort and process it, but for no more than 20 minutes. Then replace those thoughts and feelings with more fulfilled ones, such as happiness, love, awe, passion, and appreciation. Problems are better solved from a positive state of mind.

Inspired by Marie Forleo’s MarieTV episode with Tony Robbins: What it Really Takes to Change Your Life.

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