Are you actually, really, truly open to learning?

Education is all around us, always.

Education is all around us, always. The most successful people seek out knowledge continuously, because they are humble enough to know they don’t know it all.

Many of us have a fear of exposing what we don’t know, wanting to appear smart. But asking questions, being curious, and digging into someone else’s perspective, is how we gain personal and specific knowledge. It’s how we go beyond what we can look up on Google.

Michael Jordan, for example, may seem far from humble on the outside, but he’s been known to say that his greatest skill is being teachable. His greatness comes from listening to what people tell him, taking what he learns and putting it into action.

Another extremely successful person, Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, was constantly scoping out his competitors to find out if they knew something he didn’t. Instead of thinking he knew the best approach already, he learned as much as he could and then experimented with it.

This openness sounds easy enough, but when someone less experienced than us gives us instruction, do we get defensive? How about someone with different political or religious views? We can only truly argue for our own beliefs when we fully understand the opposing view.

However, it’s also important to learn from the right people, figure out who has been successful by putting their knowledge into action, and be a sponge with them. Be careful of those that just talk without experience.

Take action: What’s your learning score? Out of 10, how much effort do you put into learning from books? And, spend time with mentors? Learn from your competitors? Attend seminars? How much money do you put into learning? Feel free to add other approaches. The average of these ratings is your learning score. Can you improve it in the next 3 months?

:: Inspired by Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps. (Yes, he’s that annoying guy with the Lambo’s, but like this tip says, if we stay open, we can learn a great deal.)



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