Pay attention to your attention.

We are bombarded with millions of external distractions every day, and the internal chatter in our minds can be even louder. If we can learn to block out the noise and focus our thoughts on worthwhile ideas, we’ll be able to achieve greatness.

Intense concentration gives us incredible ability, and it’s a skill we can develop. Just like a brain surgeon who has spent years developing her ability to focus in order to perform surgery, we too can learn to control our attention, so that we can also perform at a high level.

Concentration improves critical thinking, helps us analyze and question, and increases our ability to solve complex problems.

People who meditate are already on their way to developing this skill. Even if we don’t meditate, we can still learn from an entry level exercise for the practice: Sit comfortably in a non-distracting environment. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Light a candle, place it in front of you and stare at the flame. Whenever you catch your attention wandering, bring it back to focus on the flame. If we do this daily, we’ll eventually find that we master it, and that level of concentration can then be applied to meaningful areas of our life.

Take action: Diligently performing the flame exercise to strengthen our concentration will be easier if your body is supportive of your mind. Attention takes energy, so be sure to get the right amount of sleep, eat well, and physically exercise. It’s a good idea to stretch out before entering stillness.

:: Inspired by Bob Proctor’s book, The ABC’s of Success.


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