How do you tackle change?

On a scale of 1 to 10, do you resist change (1), or seek it out (10)? Some people really struggle with change and take time to analyze a situation, to the point of stalling the inevitable, before getting on board. They waste their effort in worry when they could be spending that time shaping the change to their benefit. Others relish newness and can’t wait to jump in – they may even want to shake things up just for fun. They get excited about exploring new possibilities, but often forget how it affects the people around them. Yet, successful change happens when everyone is aligned. If we’re the type to resist change, we should keep in mind that we are pushing against the inevitable; evolution will always happen and we can’t stop it. It’s better to spend our time analyzing the problem/solution to make sure the change is for the better and know how we can work with it to our benefit. Go with the flow and put our effort into making sure it’s flowing in a good direction. If we’re in a situation where we need to implement change, we should keep in mind that the hardest part of it, is not the mechanics, it’s figuring out how to make the change ideal for all involved, and then leading others to embrace it. The more people affected, the more alignment and coaching will be required. Whether it’s a change in work processes, where we live, or our lifestyle, we need to make sure we include enough time and communication for others, in our implementation plans. Only when everyone affected by the change joins forces, and the transformation favors all, will the change truly be effective.

Take action: If you generally resist change, try doing something different today, for the sake of getting more comfortable with it. For instance, just a switch in your morning routine. If you love change, try coaching someone resistant to try something new. Remember, the key is to align interests.

Inspired by Thomas Reibke’s Creative Mornings talk, Shut Up and Listen


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