One word that will change your life.

Swap “I have to…” for “I choose to…”.

Have we forgotten that we have free will? Over time, we tend to allow ourselves to be conditioned by our environment. We can forget that we have a choice. Our life gets taken over by unconscious decisions.

Are there times when you feel like you are just existing? Or feel trapped by circumstances? We have options. If fact, we have countless options. We can live by choice, rather than by chance.

Most of us use the term “I have to…” when explaining what we plan to do. For example, “I have to go to work,” “I have to meet my friend,” or “I have to pick up groceries.” We actually don’t have to do any of these things. Consciously or not, we choose to do them.

Using “I choose to,” reminds us that we’re making it a priority. If we start to question if it still feels like a good choice, then we can reconsider how we are living our life. The altered phrase prompts our mind to recall that we are the ones in control, deciding what’s important. It promotes empowerment.

Take action: Here are the above common phrases turned into possible choices: 1. “I have to go to work,” could switch to “I choose not to go to work. I’ll take a year sabbatical now, and push back my retirement by a year if I need to.” 2. “I have to meet my friend,” can become “I choose to meet my friend because I want more fun in my life.” 3. “I have to pick up groceries,” can be “I choose to delegate the grocery shopping to my kids tonight.”

:: Inspired by Hal Urban’s book, Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things that Matter.

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