Control our thoughts by designing what we think.

Design our thoughts.

We’re the only one who can truly control our thoughts so it makes sense to put some planning into how we want to think.

Want to think more positively? Or maybe be more present in the moment? Or how about a stronger appreciation for what we have? It’s important to first know what we want our thoughts to be and why, then we’ll have a goal to focus on.

Next, make a plan for how we’ll achieve it. For some, meditation will work. For others it will be a matter of consciously checking in with our thoughts at scheduled times of the day, or a small reward for when we find ourselves thinking in line with our goal.

We may need someone close to us to help monitor our actions, body language and words, since those things are telling signs of what’s happening in our mind.

Who we are, stems from our thoughts – our thoughts lead to actions, which can form habits, and evolve into who we become – so it’s more than worthwhile to put some effort into designing what we think.

Take action: At various times through today, note what kind of personal thoughts you have, write them down and before you go to sleep, review what thoughts you like, and those you want to change. Then figure out what you want to change them to, and why.

:: This SmartLife tip is inspired by Carrie Green’s TEDx Talk: Programming Your Mind for Success.



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