Fall in love with good habits.

Remember those teenage-type feelings, down deep in your belly, when you first fell in love with someone? The excitement, the newness, and the anticipation triggered joy and inspiration in us. And as a result, we started taking better care of ourselves, prioritized differently, and had a more positive outward expression. Anticipated love is an extremely powerful motivator. So if we can figure out how to tap into those same feelings now, when we think about who we want to become, we can have the same enriching thoughts towards the new habits that are required to achieve our goal. Since we’ve felt it in the past, our brain already knows how to react to those joyful thoughts, and can wake up our biological systems that work with the feeling of desire. Our brain can fire the neurons that can reconnect the synaptic triggers associated with those positive thoughts. For example, lets say we want to be a health-oriented person. If we can think about our ideal self in the same way we’ve yearned for love, our cells can kick in to craving those good chemicals again. It’s true that it’s easier to fall in love with other people than with a new routine, but healthy habits can lead to a lifestyle that involves plenty of love, and that’s where we should focus. Tapping into positive feelings that our mind and body are already familiar with, can make new habits a lot easier to commit to, and can even turn into a long term relationship.

Take action: Over time, new habits will feel more natural. Along the journey, just like falling in love, try rewarding yourself with praise, fun, romance, and commitment. For example, if you are falling in love with healthy living, sneak away from work for a bit to go for a walk in the sunshine. Or go on a date that requires physical activity, like rock climbing or hiking.

Inspired by Joe Dispenza, D.C.’s book, Evolve Your Brain.

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