Get a jump start on a mid-life crisis.

Get a jumpstart on a mid-life crisis.
Why wait to turn 50 to live like we’re 25?

When we are young, we learn fast. There’s new experiences all around us, constantly: gaining independence, starting our careers, partnering with someone, having children, etc., These happenings keep our brains moving and our minds active.


Somewhere along the way, we tend to settle into comfortable, repetitive, predictable lives. Our mind goes into auto-pilot mode and we get stuck in our comfort zone.

Our brains and biology enjoy this mode. They like the easy route, recognize patterns, feel secure and get lazy. Our cells even crave the chemical balance that has become the norm.

But our mind wants more out of life. Our mind wants to evolve, progress and learn new things, just like the “good ol’ days”. Our mind wants the excitement that comes with novel experiences and this emotion causes conflict with our conservative brain.

To avoid suddenly hitting this crisis, we can pre-empt it, by getting out of our comfort zone early and giving our mind new ways to grow. By doing it early, we can take advantage of making our decisions before our heads are desperate and irrationally clouded.

Anytime we find ourselves boxed in by our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, at any stage of our life, we should shake things up before it becomes overwhelming. That way we have a better chance of making wise decisions that benefit who we want to become, without the stress of urgency that can sneak up on us if we wait.

Take action: Our beliefs influence our thoughts, which become actions, and if repetitive, become our state of being. So if you’re shaking things up, you can flip the equation around and first consider who you want to become, such as a good parent, for example. Next, what actions you’ll need to be that person. Perhaps it’s coaching your child’s soccer practice. Then what thoughts and beliefs will be required to put the task in motion, such as “I can figure out how to coach kids’ soccer.”

:: Inspired by Joe Dispenza, DC’s book, Evolve Your Brain

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