Make meaning as well as money.

Make meaning as well as money

Money is very important in our society. In fact, a significant way to avoid increasing the poor population, is by making sure we can support ourself, and our family. But, happiness requires more than just money. We’re also here to enrich this world.

One of the greatest factors for work satisfaction is feeling that we are spending our time with a purpose, we’re creating value and meaning. So here are some thoughts to ponder… Can we shift our work life towards being more rather than having more? Can we find a purpose greater than ourselves in what we do? When we leave this world, will there be a legacy that we’ll be proud of?

Great companies and workers give a valuable service to their community. Their profit and pay comes through enriching lives. Happiness and financial success should be by-products of building value in this world. The two aspects can work hand-in-hand, rather than be opposite ends of the spectrum.

This servitude approach can be applied to an enormous range of jobs – from taking care of city streets, to teaching, to having meaningful conversations with colleagues, mentoring, or creating a product that solves a problem. Focus on how you’re contributing, beyond your basic job description.

Take action: What value are you creating for people through your work? Try focusing on how you can increase that value until you feel a greater pride in your worth, and others are noticing too. Once you’re giving more and enriching people’s lives, then ensure the financial reward is on par with your work’s value. Be generous with your giving, and enable others to be generous too.

:: Inspired by Robin Sharma’s book, The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO: A Remarkable Story about Living your Heart’s Desires



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