Make online interactions more meaningful.

The internet: Time water or tool for good?

We live in a time where we can connect with millions of people and make a positive impact. Yet, many of us spend a great deal of our online moments watching cat videos or judging other people’s lives. We can do better.

Since the internet never forgets, there’s a lot of pressure to be exceptional when we post a meaningful comment, story, or video. This fear of judgement can stop us from starting. But, if we never start, we’ll never become good at it, and we’ll deny people of the impact we could make in their lives.

We all have meaningful thoughts that we can contribute to the world. Sure, at first our ideas may not get the same number of likes as cat videos. There’s no need to compete for likes. Even if no one reads our post, it still starts our habit of sharing meaningful thoughts.

Let go of the desire to be perfect and the fear of judgement. If we can say interesting things, as we all do many times a day, then we can post interesting things. Our thoughts are fascinating, and we can learn to recognize their contributions the more we write and share them. If we do it for ourselves, we’ll get better at it. Then others will eventually follow and be impacted by what we share.

What is meaningful for us, will resonate with someone else, and can help people struggling in similar situations. Cat videos are fun, but it’s time to also contribute more meaning.

Take action: If you’re worried about being judged for your ideas, you can start a blog or social account under an alias until you’ve crafted your contributory skills. Don’t let fear stop you from sharing meaningful thoughts. Your ideas can make a positive impact.

:: Inspired by Marie Forleo’s interview with Seth Godin.



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