Four money blockers that keep us broke.

We’ve all grown up with beliefs about money, and if we haven’t yet extracted them from our subconscious, those beliefs may be holding us back. Beliefs are often blind-spots that cause us to unconsciously act in certain ways. If we look at our net worth, we’ll see the sum result of our money beliefs. Here are some common stories that you may be telling yourself:

  1. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Of course it doesn’t, but by focusing on a lack of money, we’ll get more of the same. Even a simple phrase such as, “I can’t afford that,” puts us into a scarcity mindset, which effects our decisions. Try replacing it with “I’d rather spend my money on _____, so that I can feel _____.”

  2. “Money is the root of all evil.” Money is a tool. Greed and self-serving power is evil. But, money can help us be generous and nurture ourselves and others. If we say things like, “It’s not about the money,” it’s likely that we relate to money negatively and avoid it.

  3. “I have to work harder to earn more.” Wealth is not directly proportional to effort. Yes, some effort is needed to produce money; we can’t manifest it without action. However, the popular hustle and grind mindset best serves business owners telling their employees how to perform. Plus, when money is hard earned, we tend to keep a tight grip on it. We can’t profit from our money, if we are not willing to let it go.

  4. “I’m not good with money.” If we believe that handling money is complicated, then we are likely to over complicate our process. Maybe we have too many accounts, or a tricky budget, or rely on someone else to take care of it for us. However, just like we can learn any new skill, we can learn to be good with money.

Take action: Acknowledge and accept that you have beliefs that hold you back. Get curious about what’s not working for you and replace the old thoughts with new stories, such as “I am a money magnet.”

:: Inspired by Amy Porterfield’s podcast, #181: Eliminating Money Blocks with James Wedmore.

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