Persuade with emotion, connect with the “Why”.

If we tell someone what to do, they might blindly trust us and do it, but maybe only once. If we tell them how to do it, they are more likely to comply, and we might get what we’re looking for, for a little while. If we explain why we believe in the importance of the task, and connect with the person so that they believe it too, we could be amazed at what can happen. Life is easiest when we work with people who believe what we believe. That is, why we do what we do. We know connecting through emotion works. However, we so often forget about the person or people we need to connect with, and let our own perspective get the better of us. We ask for what we want and ignore why the other person would want to give it to us. In Simon Sinek’s TEDx Talk he explains how Martin Luther King inspired so many people by connecting to their emotions, with words like, “I believe…” and “I have a dream.” Not instructions of what to do such as, “I have a plan.”

Take action: Next time you’re presenting or asking for something and want people to follow your lead, focus on why it’s important for them. Tap into their needs instead of your own.

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s TEDx Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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