Our daily rituals shape our identity.

Habits, reps and sets, rituals – the things we do on a daily basis, are the actions that define who we are. These actions are so completely integrated into our lives that they become ubiquitous and are often overlooked. Or because they can be small, they seem insignificant. However, since we do them repetitively, they are central in shaping who we are, who we become, and our overall identity. For example, a health enthusiast’s morning routine may include gulping down a glass of water, grabbing some protein and doing some exercise. A family person might wake up snuggling with kids, and follow that with jumping on the bed or a pillow fight. A businessperson might grab a coffee, check the stock market and read the news. It’s these daily routines, not just in the morning but through the whole day, that add up to our identity. So who do we want to be? What characteristics do we want to use to describe ourselves? Once we determine that, we need to make sure that our rituals match our self-characterization, and ensure that what we do consistently, lines up with our values and goals. If who we want to become is really important to us, and we adjust aspects of our daily rituals to align with the attributes of our ideal self, we’ll eventually be that version of us.

Take action: In general, what is your daily routine? Write it down and compare it with others. Find people who you want to emulate and get familiar with their rituals. Even see if you can spend some time shadowing them, and then take the aspects that fit your ideal self, and adjust your habits to head in that direction.

Inspired by Tony Robbins video, New Year, New You (2017 Motivation).

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