The benefits of giving thanks before meals.

The benefits of thanks before meals

Yes, this tip is something we’ve known for years, but let’s go deeper than just saying the words. We are fortunate to have food to eat, and since it’s such a necessity for us, we should appreciate its significance in our lives.

We eat several times daily, which makes a terrific schedule for taking moments to enjoy something pleasurable – eating good food. These mindful moments will help shift our focus from what we don’t have, towards how fortunate we are. Food is valuable and many of us have it in abundance.

Mixing gratitude into our diet also helps us eat mindfully. Paying attention to what we put in our bodies can have massive health and weight benefits. Take a look at the food, it’s color, texture, aroma, taste, and how it makes you feel. If we appreciate what we are eating, we’re likely to slow down and eat better. If we eat natural foods in appropriate portions, we’ll not only physically feel the benefits, we’ll also grow an awareness and respect for how we treat ourselves.

Plus, it’s important to be thankful for the sacrifices made by others to bring us food – consider the farmers, growers, fishers, butchers, store clerks, all working hard so that we can eat. And if we eat meat, an animal has given it’s life to feed us. The least we can do is be thankful.

With regular appreciation, we’ll grow to see the world as a more giving place that nourishes us.

Take action: A great way to gain an appreciation for food is to connect with where it comes from. Try visiting a farm, going fishing, growing your own food, or at minimum, have a conversation with a vendor at a farmers market and ask them what happens behind the scenes to bring their food to market.

:: Inspired by Robin Sharma’s book, The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO: A Remarkable Story about Living your Heart’s Desires.



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