Resolutions, smezerlutions.

I have some mixed feelings about goal setting. I think it’s important, but can be tricky to do well. Goals often put too much emphasis on measurements we can’t control. They sometimes lead us away from things like enjoying the process, focusing on growth, and discovering who we want to become.

This week’s tip should help us rethink the goals we may be setting for 2019. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all the best for this new year.


Define your ideal self, before setting goals.

It’s so easy to get caught up in task-based goals, and make those actions our focus. We say things like, “I want to have $1 million, so I need to get a high paying job, work really hard, scrimp and save, and invest wisely.” Focusing on what to do is not so inspiring. In fact, it sounds somewhat dreadful.

Alternatively, consider the mindset of someone who says, “I want to be wealthy, so that I can feel secure, take care of my family, experience the world through travel, and control my own work schedule.” When who we want to be and why we want it is our focus, then we can experiment with ways to accomplish it. It gives us flexibility and we’re more likely to enjoy the journey to get there.

Having an image of our ideal self as our objective, will be far more meaningful than just a set of tasks, and will help keep us motivated to become it. If we focus first on, who we want to be and set that belief as our focus, we can then start to figure out the why part of it, and use that as inspiration as we do what’s required to get there. Otherwise, we risk limiting ourselves to one path when there are actually many possibilities to achieve it.

Take action: Start with an easy aspect of who you want to become. Let’s say you want to be a good friend to someone. It will make you feel upstanding to be caring and supportive. Only after you have solid thoughts about who to become and the why, should you think about how to achieve it. There are lots of ways. Do not limit yourself by setting a path for the how first, nor by getting stuck on set tasks. If one action doesn’t work out, find another that is also in line with being a good friend.

:: Inspired by Sonia Ricotti’s webinar, The Six-Step Simple Formula to Remove Your Hidden Money Blocks.